7 ways to get an 800 credit score

Good credit is a lofty goal, but what about perfect credit? Securing the best three-digit FICO score can save hundreds of thousands of dollars during your lifetime. With FICO scores ranked from 300 to 850, reaching the top of the pack — the so-called “800 Club” — is a goal few consumers achieve.

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Educator of the Month 2014-2015
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Nevada looks to change economic incentives

With Nevada’s economy rebounding and unemployment numbers greatly improved, state officials are looking beyond just job creation to laying the groundwork for a whole new economy based on high-tech.

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EDITORIAL: City Hall doesn’t want vote on soccer stadium

Talk about moving the goal posts. City Hall is determined to subsidize a downtown soccer stadium the public doesn’t want to pay for. So determined, in fact, that city officials are actively working to deny voters the opportunity to kill the project.

‘On the threshold of a major transformation’

As we enter 2015 and start the spring semester, I am excited about what lies ahead for UNLV. I also am honored and humbled to serve as the 10th president of the university and appreciate the opportunity afforded me by the Board of Regents and Chancellor Dan Klaich.


Grandma still knows best about flu

Given that the flu vaccine we have this season isn’t quite as effective against the flu as we might have hoped, here are some tips for coping should you fall victim to it.