Findlay Acura service manager says he likes living, working in Las Vegas

Findlay Acura Service Manager Pete Swords pulled up stakes and moved out of Southern California in 2004 and he hasn’t looked back since relocating to the desert.

Living in Southern Nevada and working for one of the state’s largest privately owned automobile businesses is the ideal combination for the outgoing 55-year-old Swords.

“I had family here when I made the move,” said Swords, who was born and raised in Los Angeles. “I’m one of six children and most of my family was here except for me. I was tired of the Southern California rat race and this move was perfect for me.”

Las Vegas has provided incredible opportunity for many over the years and that’s exactly was has taken place for the Swords family.

“Las Vegas has a greater cultural diversity, and I think that’s fascinating,” Swords said. “There is a lot of growth and a lot of community pride to keep Vegas in the forefront. From what’s happening downtown to The District in Henderson and the rest, there is no shortage of progressive attitudes in Southern Nevada.”

Like Las Vegas, Acura is progressive and showing even more improvement all the time, Swords said.

“I’m still learning a lot about Acura after three months,” Swords said. “However, what is evident is that Acura is a great car and we have very few problems with the brand. We have very few mechanical issues, and our owners are very proud of their vehicles.”

Swords compares Acura with the historical Maytag repairman in saying that Acura simply doesn’t experience many serious issues.

“Findlay Acura customers are given many perks that they won’t find with other dealerships and that’s another example of a family-owned business that also includes free smog inspections for life with any vehicle bought here. We also have free car washes, not to mention very good customer service in every department.”

Even more intriguing is Swords’ thoughts about the history of Findlay Automotive Group.

“Pete and Mary Joe Findlay moved their family to Las Vegas clear back in the early 1950s to open a used-car lot,” Swords said. “We can only imagine what incredible visionaries Pete and Mary Jo were more than 50 years ago.”

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