Findlay Chevrolet helps Martin Middle School teacher, coach with new car

Perryn Hale is persistent. Although the Martin Middle School coach and algebra/geometry teacher had a notable run of bad luck, he remains relentlessly positive.

When executives of Southern Nevada businesses Findlay Chevrolet and Appreciation Financial heard Hale’s story, the companies knew it was time to give Hale and his family a special reward.

Hale and his wife, Janine, have struggled with back, spine and knee issues; and he was rear-ended by a drunk driver Feb. 11 on U.S. Highway 95 near the Spaghetti Bowl and left with serious injuries. He was driving his grandfather’s vehicle during the accident because his own car was being repaired. The family had to sell its second car to pay medical bills.

Hale, a father of two young sons, now drives a 2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS turbo, thanks to employees from the two businesses. Findlay Chevrolet and Appreciation Financial set up the delivery of the new vehicle during Teacher Appreciation Week at Martin Middle School, at 200 N. 28th St.

Clearance from the Clark County School District had to be secured. And in a complex planning effort, students, teachers and friends had to ensure that Hale wouldn’t hear about the surprise presentation scheduled on school grounds May 9.

Hundreds of students circled around the bright red Sonic so Hale wouldn’t see it even as he was being honored for his exemplary efforts.

Clark County School District Superintendent Patrick Skorkowsky primed the setting by introducing Findlay Chevrolet Sales Manager Doug Fleming.

“Are you ready for a little excitement?” Skorkowsky asked the crowd before handing the microphone to Fleming.

A few minutes later, Fleming told Hale he’d won the Sonic RS, equipped with backup camera, sunroof and high-end sound system.

Hale, a native Las Vegan and 1997 Clark High School graduate, was stunned.

“It is really cool,” Hale, who got his college education at Whittier College in Southern California, said the day after receiving the car. “It’s amazing and my phone has been ringing off the hook. I was telling my dad that stuff like this just doesn’t happen to people like me and he said it was proof that good things happen to good people. I took my wife for a ride last night and took our two sons to football practice this morning.”

The Hales had two older vehicles; neither had air conditioning.

“When I took the Sonic for a test drive, the first thing I noticed was that it had air conditioning,” he said. “With summer just around the corner, the AC was the best thing that came with the car for us.”

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Findlay Automotive Group was founded in 1951 by the late Pete Findlay, whose son, Cliff, now oversees 30 new and used automobile dealerships in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Idaho.