Lexus of Henderson customer says she loves the safety features

Shirley Breeden bought her first Lexus, a GS 300, in 2006 because she loved the sedan’s lines and found it one of the most comfortable vehicles she’d ever driven. Trading it in never even crossed her mind.

But one day after bringing her GS to Lexus of Henderson for routine service, she decided to kill some time by meandering around the showroom floor. Two things caught her eye that day — a 2014 ES 350 and sales and leasing consultant Michael Kennedy’s infectious smile.

“The ES 350 is a very classy-looking car, and I love the body style,” Breeden said. “The trunk is larger than my GS and the car’s a little wider. I like the backup camera and blind-spot safety monitors on the side mirrors are fabulous.

“Mike was very welcoming when I came in. There was no pressure, and he was very knowledgeable about the car. He always has a smile on his face and makes me feel very comfortable.”

Upon purchasing her ES 350 in April, Breeden decided to finance the vehicle through Lexus because the rate was lower than what traditional financial institutions were offering.

“I never did that before with other cars I bought,” Breeden said. “Everyone was just so friendly here, even the attendants on the service drive. They treat me like a queen. I will always stay a Lexus customer. I also made a lifelong friend with Mike.”

“Shirley is very deliberate in what she wants,” Kennedy says. “She knows exactly what she likes and is very safety conscious and wanted to know about all the safety features on the car. Shirley is one of the most pleasant people I ever dealt with at Lexus. Always a lady and very charming.”

The dealership is at the Valley Auto Mall, 7736 Eastgate Road, Henderson. For more information, call 702-228-7736 or visit