Salesman finds peace of mind at Henderson Hyundai

About 38 years ago, Nolan “Noli” Hall heard from a friend that the car business was the perfect way to make a living. During the 1970s, even many college graduates started selling cars.

Now 62 and one of the top sales consultants with Henderson Hyundai at 460 Boulder Highway, the easy-going native of the Bay Area wouldn’t change a thing about his choice of careers.

“I started selling Hyundais back in 1986 in Northern California,” continued Hall, who sold 38 Hyundais during his first month. “I have also sold Ford and Chrysler and I have seen many other brands come and go, but Hyundai has really risen to the occasion in the past four years.

“What really launched Hyundai was the Genesis in 2010. The Genesis was the first world class four-door sedan In 2011 it was voted one of the 10 best cars and it went on to become the most dependable vehicle in North America.”

During the same year, Hyundai started delivering the highly sought after Sonata sedan and the company has been running at break-neck speed all over the world ever since.

The Elantra came out about eight months after the Sonata and just when we thought Hyundai might have hit a plateau, things got even busier.

“There is so much to learn about this business and Hyundai has been at the forefront of the industry,” added Hall. “Add in the 10-year, 100,000-mile power train warranty along with the five-year, 60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty along with the five-year free roadside assistance with unlimited mileage — and the lifetime free oil changes here — and you cannot beat a Hyundai.

“One thing is for sure. I never have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night worrying about my customers who buy a Hyundai. That’s an unbelievable peace of mind in this business.”

To show that he believes in what he sells, Hall has purchased seven Hyundais from Henderson Hyundai.

“The first Hyundai I bought was a Genesis in 2010,” he said. “A year later, I bought an Equus and I bought a Genesis for my wife in 2012. I have owned two Genesises, two Equuses, a Santa Fe and a Sonata, to name a few.

“I guess you could say that I’m a believer in Hyundai.”

To fill his time away from car sales, Hall is at the gym at 4:30 every morning. He is also active in yoga and weight lifting. And his wife, Virginia, also works out with him.

“If you’re not fit physically, you can’t be fit mentally either,” he explained. “They both go hand-in-hand. When I first got to Las Vegas, one of the first things I did was look for a gym. Virginia is a spiritual person and because of that, we have a great bond.”

Hall has many friends and many of them are his clientele.

“I make sure the customers are happy,” said Hall, who was visited by one of his long-time customers during a recent interview. “In addition, I want the dealership happy and I want the manufacturer happy.

“There are so many factors in the car business and you must cross every t and dot every i. It’s a very demanding business but it’s also very rewarding when you know that your customers are driving the best car in the world.”

Further information can be found by visiting or by calling 702-565-1500. The dealership is open Monday through Saturday with the service department opening at 7 a.m. and the dealership at 8 a.m.