Subaru staff works to overcome challenges

A key component to surviving and prospering in the car business is for those in the industry not to give up.

Never could that have been truer than for Subaru of Las Vegas, which overcame a serious setback last March when a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck Japan triggering a tsunami that stifled production at the Subaru plants in Japan and Indiana.

In meeting the huge challenge in 2011, Subaru of Las Vegas was recently given the Subaru Stellar Care Award that is granted to top-ranking dealers that deliver an exceptional ownership experience to its customers. Only 10 percent of the nation's dealers receive the award.

"This past year we have faced some difficult times," said Subaru of America Zone Director Michael Campbell, who visited the local dealership at 5385 W. Sahara Ave. Feb. 24. "The Japanese tsunami affected availability and we're still on the verge of economic recovery. This is a great tribute to the employees of Subaru of Las Vegas."

"There is no question that the earthquake and tsunami slowed us down," said Gary Harding, service and parts director for Subaru of Las Vegas. "Some of the inventory couldn't get here fast enough. We survived it fine and worked with Subaru and the company was extremely helpful supplying our needs. Disaster many times brings people together and it certainly did this time."

General Manager Burton Hughes said employees of the dealership pulled together.

"We overcame some tremendous odds," said Hughes . "I could not ask for a better group of people."

"In fact, we just recently received our first full shipment of new Subarus. We're not back to normal quite yet, but we're getting there."

Findlay Automotive Company Chief Financial Officer Tyler Corder praised the dealership's employees.

"There is no question that the car business can be difficult even during good times," Corder said. "Working to overcome a bad economy was enough of a challenge, but the people of Subaru of Las Vegas also had to deal with the fact that cars were tough to get, too. The employees came through like true champions and we're proud of every one of them."

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