Christmas readings, game proceedings happily as we surf

It's Christmas and you're looking for something to do. How do I know this? Because you're reading this instead of doing something Christmasy.

I did some poking around the Net to find things to keep folks occupied while staying in the holiday mode. It wasn't as easy you might think, so keep this handy as you surf (Or is it snowboard?) around the Web with the help of my Christmas Net Notes.

Twelve Days of Christmas


There are games, carols, stories and plenty more to keep the elves busy.

Christmas Around the World


Spread the cheer in at least eight languages with a selection of electronic Christmas cards. You can even send a card for Fruitcake Day, which falls every year on Dec, 27.

Who knew?

Quotations for Christmas


From the book "Quotation for Special Occasions" by Maud Van Buren.

This 1939 edition featured in the Google books site has seven pages of quotes about Christmas.

Google Books


Type in "Christmas" and start reading. Well, it's not quite that easy, as some of the titles you'll find there aren't complete versions. I was excited to find "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," only to have my hopes dashed when I couldn't even read a complete page of one of my childhood favorites.

The reason for the tease is the copyright status of the book. The site has this disclaimer: "We respect copyright law and the tremendous creative effort authors put into their work. If the book is in the public domain and therefore out of copyright, you can page through the entire book and even download it and read it offline. But if the book is under copyright, and the publisher or author is not part of the Partner Program, we only show basic information about the book, similar to a card catalog, and in some cases, a few snippets."

It was very Grinchlike, nonetheless.

Christmas Trivia Quiz


Test your knowledge from cookie baking to the Nutcracker to the reindeer names.

The Lifescript site features health and lifestyle tips along with a selection of quizzes.

Christmas Tree Recycling


Las Vegans have 15 spots to drop their cut Christmas trees. The program is coordinated by the Springs Preserve, and their site lists all the places for tree recycling.

If you're outside the Las Vegas area, visit Earth 911 ( for a searchable database of recycling locations around the country.

Bring on the New Year!

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