Domain-name battle will head to court for gay nightclubs

Several gay Las Vegas nightclubs are in a trademark battle over a website domain.

Manhattan West LLC filed a lawsuit Wednesday in federal court against the companies behind the popular Krave nightclub on the Strip. The lawsuit against Phantom Entertainment LLC and Krave Entertainment LLC alleges that those companies registered the website domain name last year. The website redirects users to the Krave website.

Manhattan West owns the Piranha Night Club and 8½ Ultra Lounge off the Strip. Its website is

The lawsuit alleges that the Krave promoters are trying to steal Manhattan West's customers or suggest that the Piranha club is closed. Manhattan West alleges that it is suffering financially as a result because a large portion of its revenue depends on Internet marketing to new and current customers.

Phantom has been involved in the Krave nightclub since last year, when it bought all of Krave Entertainment's assets as Krave was going through bankruptcy proceedings. Roughly two months later, in December, Phantom registered the domain name.

Manhattan West is demanding monetary, exemplary or punitive damages and attorneys' fees. However, its lawyers estimate that "it would be impossible to determine the potential monetary damages" if Krave continues to maintain the website.

The domain name directed visitors Friday to the Krave nightclub website, which promoted upcoming events and promotions such as "dress in drag & drink free" and "live hair shows."