Green energy push could cripple U.S. economy

To the editor:

I really was thrilled to see that going green is going to be extremely expensive for NV Energy and in turn for us, the consumers (Review-Journal, Thursday). This is only the beginning as more and more energy companies are forced by our government to use expensive substitutes for all the natural resources the United States has.

How do you like that ethanol?

The cost of water, home heating, electricity and fuel for our vehicles will skyrocket as the government puts into play the new "green energy" plans that will certainly lower our living standards and probably cost many lives as well. For those of you who have not paid attention to what our president has said, I can only hope that you enjoy cap and trade and the excessively high costs that it will bring to all of us. I know that all of the environmentalists are going to be overwhelmed that they have once again found a way to destroy capitalism and the American way of life.

You have to acknowledge the fact that wealthier Americans will still be able to afford their energy, but what will happen to the rest of our nation? Will the federal government pay for the energy that most Americans need (with our tax dollars or by printing money) or will the government just reduce the available energy causing most Americans to suffer?

Try that "smart" energy system that NV Energy wants to put in every home. Have any of you "green" lovers actually thought about what you are doing?

The United States is wasting all of its natural resources so that the people governing us in Washington, D.C., can keep their high-paying jobs and run our lives. I, for one, have enjoyed my freedom as an American citizen and I really hate to think about the future for my family and all other Americans who dreamt about living the American dream.

Bob Dubin

Las Vegas