Las Vegas ranks 33rd in its burden for taxes

Although Las Vegas touts itself as a low-tax haven for businesses and individuals, it is not quite so friendly for visitors.

According to the annual survey by the Global Business Travel Association, the city ranked 33rd in tax burden, with 1 being the least expensive. Ironically, four California locations ranked in the top 10, despite the state's reputation for having a heavy hand in imposing other taxes.

Based on the bills run up for lodging, food and a rental car during a sample one-day stay, a Las Vegas visitor would pay $30.22 in taxes. Three cities in south Florida tied for cheapest at $21.57, while Chicago was the highest at $38.85.

At 33rd, Las Vegas improved slightly from 38th last year and 36th in 2009.

On a three-day stay, Las Vegas dropped to 38 this year at a total $78.71.

The good news for visitors is that a rental car is not mandatory for staying on the Strip. Las Vegas car tax burden ranked a relatively pricey 48th, compared to a two-way tie at 27th for restaurants and a five-way tie at seventh for hotels.