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How to be richer in one year

If you're serious about building a better financial foundation and meeting monetary goals, there are steps you can take. You won't see the changes overnight, but commit to one or more of these strategies, and within a year you'll be richer.

10 open house red flags you should not ignore

Summer is the prime time for purchasing new homes and moving. Certain warning signs during an open house, however, should have you questioning a property. As you embark on your open house adventures this summer, watch out for these red flags to avoid buying a money pit.

15 easy credit card hacks

With many credit card options on the market — from rewards points, to cash-back bonuses and more — the quest to save money and navigate credit card incentives has become a little more complicated.

Can you really rely on Social Security in retirement?

Despite concerns about the future of Social Security, American workers are increasingly expecting to rely on Social Security retirement benefits from this government program. According to Gallup‘s annual Economy and Personal Finance survey, 36 percent of non-retirees — about 10 percentage points higher than a decade ago — say they‘re counting on Social Security to be a major source of their retirement income.