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The 10 best CD accounts of 2015

In all honesty, the allure of CD accounts has all but faded in our current interest rate market. CD accounts can still be useful tools, though. With higher rates than traditional checking and savings accounts, on average, these accounts are great when trying to grow a set amount of funds, on the side, for a future expense or goal.

7 ways to get an 800 credit score

Good credit is a lofty goal, but what about perfect credit? Securing the best three-digit FICO score can save hundreds of thousands of dollars during your lifetime. With FICO scores ranked from 300 to 850, reaching the top of the pack — the so-called “800 Club” — is a goal few consumers achieve.

7 mistakes to avoid when shopping for a new home

The dream of homeownership can quickly turn into a nightmare, leaving you with enough financial regrets to last a lifetime. Don’t let the home-buying process make a financial fool out of you. Here are seven of the biggest home shopping and mortgage mistakes to avoid.

Debt snowball vs. debt avalanche: The best way to freeze debt

Two of the more commonly talked about debt reduction methods are the debt snowball and the debt avalanche. With the snowball method, people focus on paying debts off one at a time, in the order of smallest to largest balances. With the avalanche method, you pay off debts one at a time in the order of the highest interest rate first. So which method is better for you?

Use this trick to reach your 2015 savings goals

What if you could work toward reaching multiple 2015 savings goals simultaneously? Instead of setting aside funds in a catch-all savings account, setting up a specific sub-savings account for each of your goals can help keep your various objectives in sight and on track.