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10 huge mistakes to avoid when financing a car

As a car owner, chances are you have made car loan mistakes that cost you money in the past. From hidden fees attached to auto loan rates and dealer financing, to a lack of car negotiation skills or failing to read the fine print before signing, we examine the top mistakes shoppers make when getting a new set of wheels with a car loan.

The need for retirement planning

Throughout the 20th century, retirement in America was usually defined in fairly simple terms and was directly related to an individuals active participation in the work force. After reaching a certain age, most retirees would leave the work force and begin the next phase of their life - retirement.

5 ways to trigger your money-saving reflex

We all know that feeling; you’re at the store and you see something you want but just don’t need. You try to rationalize the expense, arguing in your mind that you deserve to treat yourself or can make up for it by not eating out this week or by skipping your Starbucks lattes for a while. The thing is, not all of us are as good at balancing our wants and needs as we could be.