Passenger counts for Allegiant Air drop in October

In an unusual month for Allegiant Air, the passenger counts across its system declined in October.

For much of this year, the unit of Allegiant Travel Co. has expanded at a single-digit pace as it ended many of its charter flying contracts while schedule service continued to grow. In October, however, the passenger count on all flights of 483,000 fell 5.4 percent from the same month last year and the 468,000 passengers on scheduled service was down 1.6 percent.

Likewise, revenue passenger miles, or the collective total of how far each passenger travels, dipped o.1 percent for scheduled service and 2.7 percent overall. Partially offsetting the decline in flights and passengers was the 1.5 percent gain in average trip length to 925 miles.

However, Allegiant predicts that the pace will pick up in the coming months. During November, the number of scheduled departures will grow 2 percent, part of a 2 percent to 6 percent gain in the fourth quarter. The first quarter of next year calls for a range of 8 percent to 12 percent, more closely resembling the numbers during much of Allegiant’s existence.