'Torture' memo well-researched and logical

To the editor:

OK. I've read the Bybee memo several times now. My read is that it is an organized, logical, well-researched and thought-out legal opinion produced for his client (the CIA) on the subject of torture within the context of the Geneva Convention semantics. It addresses our technical responsibilities under international law and defines "torture" as legally understood.

His work is logical and makes sense.

President Obama's economic program, however, is illogical and makes no sense at all. Printing more money and giving it away when you're broke can lead only to economic disaster.

Conclusion: Impeach Barack Obama. Promote Jay Bybee to the Supreme Court.

Ronnie Garner


Money saver

To the editor:

Why are so many people opposed to schools -- or at least high schools -- operating on four-day-a-week schedules?

While doing a school project on the option of the four-day school week, I realized how much it could help. I cannot understand why the school district would not consider this an option, especially now when money is tight.

The bottom line is that a four-day school week saves money. Why the district doesn't want this is beyond me.



Torture photos

To the editor:

The Department of Defense announced last Thursday that at least 44 photos depicting abuse of prisoners at prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan will be released May 28. What good purpose in the best interest of the United States can be achieved by the release of those photos?

I cannot think of any.

I can, however, see how this could cause more harm of America's image to the rest of the world; that it will cause our nation substantial embarrassment; and that it will serve as a recruiting tool for those who want to harm America.

The planned release of those photos infuriates me. I cannot think of anything that will cause our nation to become more polarized and divided than the release of those photos that have no good purpose.

Soon, more people will become "right-wing extremists." Soon, it won't just be Rush Limbaugh hoping for the failure of this presidency and administration. Soon, we all will be asking to see the birth certificate.

And no one will be surprised.

S.G. Hayes