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Abundance isn't about having a surfeit of stuff

I'm baaaackk! I've spent a lot of forced time in bed these last two months (bad back), leading to lots of introspection and self-criticism regarding how I live and how I could live better -- that is, to become a better person. I've become a female...

Still looking to pay back 'Mr. Gorgeous' after all these years

Louie Prima always wanted to perform the latest new thing. I remember Dick Humphries, choreographer his show, asking us, the dancers, on the first day of rehearsal, if any of us knew how to do the twist. We didn't. We'd all heard Chubby Checker's "Twist Again, Like We Did Last Summer," but didn't know what the dance moves were, it was so new. Dick started us on another number that first day, but asked three or four of us to go clubbing with him that very night so we could learn how to twist and he could devise a number.

BETTY BUNCH: Discover the joy of cooking quiche and Bundt cakes

I used to play bridge and lunch, or tennis and lunch, with a very elegant, socially prominent group of girlfriends, all wives of local upscale men in professional businesses – doctors, lawyers, CPAs, two superintendents of the Clark County School District, two governors and two U.S. senators. Several lived on Pinto Lane or on Rancho Circle, or similar fancy digs. There was no Summerlin, Siena, Turnberry Place or MacDonald Ranch. We've all scattered now, moved away or divorced, remarried or quit, like me. We're still friends, but our lives have changed, and our children grown up.