'Blind Fury' fascinates with twists, turns

Someone is killing girls and dumping their bodies close to a highway service station near London.

The authorities launch a massive investigation, but it's an unlikely source who begins to piece the clues together. It will be up to London’s finest to solve the grisly murders before someone else is drawn into the killer’s sights.

Detective Inspector Anna Travis is called in to lead the investigation of the murders of the young women, whose battered and raped bodies were found in a field close to the M1, the major thoroughfare between London and Manchester.

Two of the cases are somewhat similar as the victims were young Polish immigrants, but the third victim seems to have no connection at all, being an older “working” woman who trolled among the men at the service station. To add to the confusion, no DNA is found at the scene.

Travis works to carefully collect clues despite running into many a dead end. That is until a letter arrives from Cameron Welsh, a prisoner who Travis previously helped put away for sexual homicide. Welsh claims to have a special insight that could solve the murders, but he'll only give the information to Travis.

During her trips to Barfield Prison, where Welsh is being kept in a high-risk security wing, Travis is subjected to all manner of disgusting tirades and sexual innuendos from Welsh, who does however, prove to be useful. Travis also meets and falls hard for prison guard Ken Hudson but later finds evidence which could damn any possible romance.

Lynda La Plante, one of Britain's top thriller writers, provides plenty of intrigue in “Blind Fury.” The plot is a complicated one, but La Plante delivers the story with clever twists that will fascinate readers. While this is the sixth book featuring Anna Travis, there's enough back story to familiarize readers with the sticky situations Travis has come through in the past.

So grab a cup of good English tea and hunker down with the expectation of being entertained with “Blind Fury.”