Friends reunite in 'Threading the Needle’

Author Marie Bostwick focuses on the power of friendship in her heartwarming story “Threading the Needle,” the fourth book in her Cobbled Court series.

When they were young girls growing up in New Bern, Conn., Madelyn Beecher and Tessa Kover were the best of friends, but as they approached their teenage years, Tessa soon began to feel uncomfortable with Madelyn’s clinginess.

Madelyn, who lived with her grandmother Edna, an aloof and unpleasant woman who frequently abused her granddaughter, had few friends and was considered a bit odd. After a while, Tessa coolly turned her back on Madelyn and their friendship came to a sad end.

Decades later, Madelyn's wealthy husband, Sterling Baron, is arrested for running a Ponzi scheme and is sent to prison. With little money of her own and nowhere else to go, she reluctantly returns to New Bern to the house she inherited from her grandmother. With no other means of supporting herself, she decides to fix up the dilapidated Victorian house and turn it into a bed and breakfast.

Tessa also has returned home, and with her husband, Lee, purchases a small farm near New Bern. Tessa runs a specialty shop, “For the Love of Lavender,” in the Cobbled Court area, selling herbal products of her own creation, while Lee grows produce and small livestock which he supplies to local restaurants. But their dreams of success are dwindling due to the downward slide of the economy.

Being a small town, it’s only a matter of time until Madelyn and Tessa realize they've both returned. At first, Madelyn is determined to avoid her former friend, but when circumstances beyond her control cause the tabloid press to descend upon her, Madelyn finds herself turning to the one person she hopes she can count on again — Tessa.

Bostwick, a brilliant storyteller, adeptly incorporates the introduction of two new characters with the familiar and beloved ladies of the town’s quilting circle to create a lovely story that is inspiring, a little spiritual and a whole lot of fun.

While “Threading the Needle” is the fourth book in Bostwick’s series, new readers can easily pick up on the back story of the previous three books. (But you’ll soon find you will be looking for those other three books — I guarantee it!)

If you’re a fan of quilting, you’ll adore this book with all the quilting references and ideas that are included. If you are an admirer of great stories about friendship, you’ll love this book. And if you are a  fan of well-written women’s fiction, this is a book for you.