'Paranormalcy' paperback hits shelves as series continues

Kiersten White’s novel “Paranormalcy,” now out in paperback, is the first in a paranormal teen trilogy

Yes, there’s another one.

The book features vampires, werewolves, faeries and a mermaid, among other paranormal creatures.

Yes, it’s another one of those.

There’s a faerie and a shapeshifter interested in Evie, the main character, who has her own powers.

Yes, I know, I know — the dreaded love triangle.

Oh so many reasons not to like this book: feeling manipulated by series, vampire fatigue, formulaic plot.

But ...

I loved it. I hate myself a little bit for it and might need an intervention of some sort, but it’s true.

Despite the overwhelming amount of young adult paranormal novels, “Paranormalcy” won me over.

Evie has the unique ability to see through the glamours of paranormals. For instance, she can see the rotting form beneath the human glamour of a vampire. But it’s not Evie’s ability that will capture readers, but her sense of humor. White creates a believable character with all the self-doubt and longing of the average teen girl. Now she’s no Buffy Summers, who could be. But she’s also not a whiny ingrate who takes herself too seriously (begins with a B ends with an A and has an ELL in between). Evie’s fun, and while she has her teenage moments, White crafts them in a way that will be relatable to teens — and won’t overly annoy adult readers.

Evie isn’t the only fun character in the book — it’s full of them — and the plot is more than another love triangle.

Though she uses her power to help the International Paranormal Containment Agency, Evie still wants to be a normal teen. She’d like to go to school, maybe kiss a boy. But the outside world holds many dangers for her because even though she thinks she’s average, her ability sets her apart and definitely makes her not human, something that comes as a surprise.

When she discovers she could be at the center of a faerie prophecy, Evie’s stunned, but she’s got friends — even if she doesn’t know who to trust. She’ll soon find out though as she’s drawn into deeper danger that will test more than her skill with a pink, rhinestone-covered Taser (named Tasey).

For readers who can’t get enough of this genre, “Paranormalcy” shouldn’t be missed. And there's no wait for the second installment, "Supernaturally," which continues Evie's story, hit shelves this week.