For comedian Behar, Christie is the new Bush

I told Joy Behar a lot of fans will go see her Friday-Saturday at The Orleans just to find out what she has to say about politics because they miss her on “The View.”

“Maybe,” Behar said. “I mean, what have I been doing the past six months? I have been enjoying myself. I thought I would miss it more. I don’t, hahaha.

“I’m binge-a-thoning ‘SVU: Special Victims,’ and I can’t tell you how many commercials about catheters I’ve seen this month,” she said.

She said things are in the works that may land her back on TV. For now, she’s having fun returning to stand-up.

“I sort of lost interest in stand-up after (former President George W.) Bush left,” Behar said. “I would get laughs on Bush just by quoting him. He said the stupidest thing. I just made a compilation of them, and I would read them, and people would die laughing.

“Then Obama came in, and there’s nothing really to make fun of him about. He doesn’t do anything really stupid.”

Fortunately for Behar, there’s New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose staff created traffic jams to mess with Democratic politicians.

“I was doing some stuff on Christie the other night in Pennsylvania, and the audience was howling at it because they don’t like him. But he’s a walking joke, so there’s so much to do there.

“This scandal has reactivated my glands, politically. But I talk about a lot of other stuff. I talk about things that affect women, and trips I’ve taken, and people I met on ‘The View.’ ”

Behar, 71, also will be on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Wednesday, before Leno’s exit in February.

“I always go on Jay Leno. I’m very sorry he’s not going to be there anymore because I like his show, and I like him,” she said.

I told her I like nice-guy Leno too, especially compared with Conan O’Brien, who was rude to me and a pregnant reporter a few years ago in Los Angeles.

“Oh, boy,” Behar said after I told her my old O’Brien run-in. “Imagine being married to him. Well, we used to go on his (O’Brien’s) show, and I noticed he would sort of get the audience against me. I did not like that.”

Wait, Conan O’Brien did what to Joy Behar?

“The audience — instead of being nice to the guest — the audience would be nice to the host when we were kibitzing around. It’s all done in fun. But I wouldn’t have behaved that way if it were my show. But what can you do?”

Behar said television hosts have to be gracious to guests — but not if graciousness gets in the way of doing their jobs.

Behar knows this from her days on “The View,” Current TV and HLN.

“I’m sure I have been hated by people too when I’ve interviewed them,” she said.

“One time, I asked the lawyer for Casey Anthony if she would let Casey Anthony baby-sit for her,” Behar said. “And I was told Sarah Palin didn’t want to come on ‘The View’ because of me.”

The common theme is, comedians can be tougher interviewers than journalists, she said.

“There are people out there who don’t want to tangle with us, whoever we are — Jay, (David) Letterman, Conan, Bill Maher — all of us.

“Joe Biden once told me he’s more afraid to go on Jon Stewart than on ‘Meet the Press.’ ”

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