Monica Lewinsky offered Las Vegas deal at Erotic Heritage Museum

Las Vegas’ Erotic Heritage Museum has offered a $100,000-a-year job to Monica Lewinsky, plus $250,000 for her infamous blue dress — which could go on display with Jackie O’s undies and Pat Nixon’s bra.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has obtained a copy of a letter sent to Lewinsky from museum owner Dr. Harry V. Mohney.

Mohney’s offer alludes to a recent public statement Lewinsky made, when she complained there aren’t great career prospects in this post-Monica Lewinsky world for the woman named Monica Lewinsky.

“I had no idea that your affair with Bill Clinton had such a negative impact on your personal life and job prospects,” Mohney wrote.

“I am prepared to offer you a job managing and curating the Erotic Heritage Museum, starting at once for $100,000.00 per year, with a 10-year contract including benefits and cost of living increases.”

Mohney wrote, “you could put your skills in communication and business to use in a positive way,” not just flakking the museum but carrying the museum’s pro-women causes.

Those politics should be right up Lewinsky’s alley: fighting child abuse, child porn and human trafficking; and helping battered women and breast cancer research.

So far, the museum hasn’t heard back from her.

The museum has also offered to buy panties said to be formerly worn by Jacqueline Kennedy when she was first lady, and a bra supposedly worn by Pat Nixon during the historic China trip.

But the museum is still trying to verify the authenticity of those possible first panties and first bra.

The museum has been temporarily closed. It reopens June 7 with new displays and management.


Floyd Mayweather didn’t just go home after getting drawn by rapper T.I. into a Fatburger melee late Saturday night. He then went strip clubbing.

If you missed it: T.I. interrupted Mayweather’s midnight snack to confront him because T.I.’s wife, Tiny has been hanging in Mayweather’s circle and posting tame Instagram photos. Mayweather, upset by the rapper’s aggressiveness, told T.I. to control his “bitch,” T.I. reportedly challenged Mayweather to a fight, an entourage fight broke out, and members of the entertainment press earned their salaries without having to pay Mayweather and T.I. for their services.

TMZ reports Mayweather then took “bricks of money” to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, in the company of Flo Rida, 2 Chainz and Benzino.

YouTube video of Mayweather shows: He walks in front of stripper poles, tosses cash into the air, and comments on the misogynistic Chris Brown song being played, which goes, “These hos ain’t loyal.”

“That’s what I told T.I., these hos ain’t loyal,” the world’s greatest boxer says excitedly to friends in the strip club video.

If you’re reading this column online, you can watch the video.

Mayweather later told blogger Necole Bitchie he apologizes for saying that about Tiny, an old friend he avowed he’s never hooked up with.

His recitation of events, combined with online video of the throwdown, seems to put the onus on T.I. for launching the confrontation leading to the ruckus.

T.I. dealt with Los Angeles police in April, after a brouhaha at a club. Some nightclubs in Las Vegas occasionally hire T.I. to appear as a celebrity host.

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