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Doug Elfman

Tom Green all grown up on TV, not on stage

Do you remember the time you prank-painted “Slut Mobile” on your dad’s car, then filmed your dad’s disappointed reaction and broadcast it to the world on MTV? No? Oh right, that was Tom Green’s prank, and it helped launch him to stardom 15 years ago.

From Marquee to Burning Man, Jones digs music

Jamie Jones’ life was changed forever 15 years ago when he put a little video game disc into his PlayStation, a generation ago, and that little game taught him how to DJ. He became obsessed with “Music 2000,” which let him learn to DJ using drums, high hats and bass sounds.

Boyz II Men try to keep the customer satisfied

I told Boyz II Men I saw Twitter photos of them hanging with fans here. So I asked the trio whether their meet-and-greets cost $2,500 per person, like Britney Spears’ meet-and-greets. They didn’t know about Spears. “Oh, wow, that’s horrible,” Nate Morris said.