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Doug Elfman

DJ Hardwell pacing himself

A year ago, Dutch DJ Hardwell and I were sitting in a booth in a nightclub and catching up while a documentary crew filmed us. Hardwell had just arrived in Las Vegas after performing in Poland and Germany. He had been awake for 30 hours.

Robin Thicke's dad recognized talent

Years ago, I used to run into Alan Thicke at concerts, and he would say, “You should listen to my son’s music.” And I thought, “Oh boy, another celebrity thinks his kid is special.” Guess what. That kid is Robin Thicke,

Toni Braxton says she's 'very lucky'

Let’s check in with Toni Braxton and see what hurdles the universe has placed in front of her. Oh right, she is battling lupus, she got divorced, and she went bankrupt. Yet Braxton sounds pretty chipper about life, while she is headed to Vegas.