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From Marquee to Burning Man, Jones digs music

Jamie Jones’ life was changed forever 15 years ago when he put a little video game disc into his PlayStation, a generation ago, and that little game taught him how to DJ. He became obsessed with “Music 2000,” which let him learn to DJ using drums, high hats and bass sounds.

Boyz II Men try to keep the customer satisfied

I told Boyz II Men I saw Twitter photos of them hanging with fans here. So I asked the trio whether their meet-and-greets cost $2,500 per person, like Britney Spears’ meet-and-greets. They didn’t know about Spears. “Oh, wow, that’s horrible,” Nate Morris said.

Miley’s visit still causing a stink

The AMG nightclub group has shot back at Jeff Beacher in a game of who-fired-whom. Beacher has said he dropped AMG. AMG people now say they quit because Beacher’s Madhouse let Miley Cyrus smoke weed and AMG does not tolerate drug use.

Is ‘DJ’ a dirty name? Depends on who you ask

My college economics professor used to tell this dumb joke: What does a guy have to do to be called an economist? Answer: Simple — he can just call himself an economist, because anyone can. Ha? No, it’s not funny, but it’s true. The world of DJ-producers is similar.

Three seconds with Britney? Pay $2,500

Apparently, “many” Britney Spears fans were disappointed after paying a staggering $2,500 to meet her for a “quick 3-second photo-op” VIP package recently in Las Vegas, which came with a ticket, T-shirt and poster, Radar Online reports.

No time to reflect for busy bee Brady

Wayne Brady is so busy, he can’t remember chunks of his life. How busy? He hosts “Let’s Make A Deal,” stars on “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” has a recurring role on “How I Met Your Mother,” tours the world and appears on “Real Husbands of Hollywood.”