Ask Heidi Anything: Where to go for steak in Vegas?

I expected food critic Heidi Knapp Rinella to recommend one of the fancier steak places on the Strip. She didn’t. Here’s our latest email exchange.

From Doug to Heidi

Hi Heidi,

As you know, I don’t eat meat anymore. But people ask me where they should go for steak. Several years ago, celebrities would tell me they ate steak at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut. And if I’m not mistaken, Spearmint Rhino used to sell a $6 steak sandwich that came with beer, and maybe they still do, dunno.

Anyway, who has your favorite steak in Vegas?

From Heidi to Doug

To be honest, steak prices have gotten so ridiculous in much of Las Vegas that I avoid most of the classic steakhouses. Fifty or sixty bucks for a steak just isn’t worth it when I can go to a local butcher (we have close to a half-dozen now) and buy a prime piece of beef and just throw it on the grill.

That said, I guess I’d recommend Echo & Rig in Tivoli Village. I hate — hate-hate-hate — their no-reservations (for most normal-sized parties) policy because it usually means a long wait and is definitely not customer-friendly. But I like the fact that they cut their steaks on-site, that the prices are relatively reasonable and that starters and side dishes are inspired.

Heidi wrote about her experience there recently.

And she has more inside info here on Vegas crepes, clams and reader advice on where to find good ciabatta and pretzel rolls.