Head into darkness with carnal Combichrist

It’s the funniest song title of the year, and it comes from a band as mirthful as the vivisection of Grandma’s beloved Pomeranian.

“F!@# Unicorns.”

OK, so it may not be that chuckleworthy on the surface, but coming from industrial metal misanthropes Combichrist, it’s taking the band’s we-hate-everything ethos to comically preposterous new heights.

The song is taken from the Norwegian-born band’s latest record, “We Love You” (wink, wink), where it’s nestled alongside other party starters like “Every Day Is War,” “From My Cold Dead Hands” and “Love is a Razorblade”

You may have caught this bunch opening for Rammstein at the Thomas &Mack Center a few years back, where they countered the headliners’ sly sense of humor and over-the-top carnality with a sound as angry as their tour mates’ was libidinal, their levity-free nihilism powered by thrash riffs, snarling gargoyle vocals and pummeling beats that approximate the sensation of being hit with a cue ball wrapped in gym sock.

So, look out when this bunch heads back to town — and that goes double for a certain one-horned creature.

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