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What has mayor been smoking?

Marijuana makes politicians do some pretty dope things. Clinging to the principles of Prohibition, imprisoning nonviolent Americans and making cancer patients suffer unnecessarily come to mind.

Stampede for school choice

To say valley parents are starving for school choice is an insult to hunger. Demand for public school alternatives to typical neighborhood campuses is so great, the state is years away from being able to meet it.

Can new panel help save English Language Learner program?

Nevada needs another education panel about as much as it needs another wildfire. The state’s flow chart of school commissions and councils, and how they interact with one another, looks like something out of a Sunday “Dilbert” comic strip. Obviously, this bureaucratic maze hasn’t served Nevada students especially well.

New English Language Learning money, not much change

English Language Learning, long the heaviest anchor on achievement and graduation rates in Nevada’s public schools, has a higher political profile and higher funding levels than ever before. But will more attention and more money make a difference if schools don’t change the way they teach kids who speak another language at home?

GOP: Miller a transparent hypocrite

Secretary of State Ross Miller has sponsored a number of campaign reforms that are in the public interest. Foremost among them are proposals to make candidate financial records more transparent and crack down on candidates and public officers who accept gifts.

Putting sunshine to the test

Yesterday was National Freedom of Information Day, marking the end of Sunshine Week, the annual campaign to educate the public about the importance of access to government and public information. It’s a big deal for the press, because our ability to report and investigate the functions of government depends on access to meetings and records.

Denying an important school choice

Kindergarten is one of the biggest issues of the legislative session. Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval wants to expand full-day programs into more schools at some expense. The Legislature’s majority Democrats want to expand full-day programs into all Nevada elementary schools at far greater expense.