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Glenn Cook

Accountability in New Jersey, not D.C.

The national media are advancing on New Jersey, drawn by the smell of Republican blood. Gov. Chris Christie’s administration indeed was behind “Bridgegate,” and for that, the presidential hopeful must provide a full accounting.

Enough to make you sick

Donald Munn is a poster boy, a pinata and a lightning rod. Depending on how you look at the facts, he’s either the unluckiest, most persecuted public employee of our time or Taxpayer Enemy No. 1.

Medical marijuana going to pot?

It took medical marijuana advocates more than 12 years to persuade the Nevada Legislature to enable the lawful sale of the drug through dispensaries. It might take as long for Southern Nevada governments to allow those dispensaries to actually open their doors.

District in race for more space

All the local discussions about lifting student achievement through class-size reduction, expanded full-day kindergarten, expanded pre-kindergarten and intensified English Language Learner instruction are putting the cart before the horse.

COOK: Sandoval scares off opposition

The Nevada Democratic Party has an organization superior to the GOP’s, a big voter-registration advantage, a superior ground game, better discipline, more unity, way more money and a vast network of politically active constituencies to help elect its candidates.

What has mayor been smoking?

Marijuana makes politicians do some pretty dope things. Clinging to the principles of Prohibition, imprisoning nonviolent Americans and making cancer patients suffer unnecessarily come to mind.

Stampede for school choice

To say valley parents are starving for school choice is an insult to hunger. Demand for public school alternatives to typical neighborhood campuses is so great, the state is years away from being able to meet it.

Can new panel help save English Language Learner program?

Nevada needs another education panel about as much as it needs another wildfire. The state’s flow chart of school commissions and councils, and how they interact with one another, looks like something out of a Sunday “Dilbert” comic strip. Obviously, this bureaucratic maze hasn’t served Nevada students especially well.

New English Language Learning money, not much change

English Language Learning, long the heaviest anchor on achievement and graduation rates in Nevada’s public schools, has a higher political profile and higher funding levels than ever before. But will more attention and more money make a difference if schools don’t change the way they teach kids who speak another language at home?