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Early look at November’s tastiest races

It’s hot as blazes out, which means it’s time for campaigns to cool off. Although candidates will be out knocking on doors, making public appearances and raising money, they won’t spend much of their war chest on advertising when voters are on vacation and, in general, not thinking about politics.

Gun control lobby wrong on Wilcox

Joseph Wilcox’s funeral is today. I hope the political opportunists who’ve spent the past two weeks second-guessing or trashing this community hero have the grace to stay away and allow his family and friends to honor him appropriately.

Voters come up short at finish line

Low turnout wasn’t the only challenge facing some down-ticket candidates in Clark County’s primary election. Aside from the difficulty of building name recognition in a climate of political disinterest, many candidates worried about ballot attrition — the number of voters who would simply quit before reaching the end.

Windfall for schools brings no guarantees

Two issues are central to Nevada’s margins tax debate. Thus far, justifiably, conversations and research have focused almost exclusively on one: how the levy would affect the state’s businesses. Which industries would be hit hardest by the 2 percent tax on revenue? How many jobs would be lost if Question 3 passes in November?

A way to settle More Cops stalemate

A sales tax increase to boost police funding across Southern Nevada is in limbo, not likely to resurface again this year, but not officially dead until July 1, 2016, the statutory deadline for the Clark County Commission to boost the rate by up to 0.15 percentage points.

Reid wades in river of denial

Harry Reid has long loved having it both ways, saying one thing and doing another, and otherwise refusing to admit to his own words and deeds. But last week’s dizzying display of denial was stunning, even by the Senate majority leader’s own low standards.

Judges want a VIP endorsement?

Judges and judicial candidates must be careful with whom they associate. The judiciary is supposed to be beyond reproach. A single sketchy relationship can impugn the integrity of the bench.

Taxpayers, prepare to lose again

If you could choose, would you preserve valley police jobs at the expense of other, less-important public-sector positions, or would you pay higher taxes to bail out police budgets so the rest of the government workforce could collect big, fat pay raises?

Accountability in New Jersey, not D.C.

The national media are advancing on New Jersey, drawn by the smell of Republican blood. Gov. Chris Christie’s administration indeed was behind “Bridgegate,” and for that, the presidential hopeful must provide a full accounting.

Enough to make you sick

Donald Munn is a poster boy, a pinata and a lightning rod. Depending on how you look at the facts, he’s either the unluckiest, most persecuted public employee of our time or Taxpayer Enemy No. 1.