Locals, don't forget to ask for specials when when buying tickets

Don’t I always say the first words out of your mouth when buying show tickets should be “Do you have any specials for locals?”

But did I do that? Nooooooooo.

So I’m half-way finished buying tickets at the Palazzo for “Jersey Boys” (our respected entertainment writer Mike Weatherford’s number one show for 2008) when my friend utters the magic question.

And suddenly, our $135 front orchestra seats are upgraded to the VIP section front and center and we are getting the benefits of the $235 Absolut VIP Package for the same cost as the orchestra seats.

I am delighted. We’ll get two free drinks, a free program, the chance to look at “Four Seasons” memorabilia and the sense of being special. But best of all, we get better seats for $100 less.The Palazzo benefits by having fewer empty seats in the section closest to the performers.

The package is subject to availability and started being offered a few days before Christmas and right now is scheduled to run until Feb. 13.

Just wanted to share the deal with those locals who were waiting for a locals special before seeing the show, which has gotten raves from critics and audiences.

If I get a deal for being local, I want to share it with you.

But even though I wrote a column about this very subject in 2006 I forgot to ask.

It pays to have friends who read your columns and remember what you say.