State GOP should keeping looking

Logic should mean that Reno Sen. Randolph Townsend would be a viable Republican candidate to challenge U.S. Sen. Harry Reid. He’s term-limited, so he can’t run again for the state Senate. He has roots in Reno and Las Vegas. He has a few dollars and could raise plenty more in the business community. He knows complex state issues as longtime chairman of Commerce and Labor. He’s moderate on social issues. At 63, he still has fire in the belly.

The only thing is, he’s just not interested in running against the Democratic leader. They’ve worked together on issues for 30 years, he said. They’ve cooperated on issues such as energy, renewable energy, mental health and suicide -- all issues where they’ve been in agreement. “When you talk about issues like that, you don’t have time to think about things you don’t agree with,” Townsend said. “I won’t be running for that seat.”

Republicans can talk all they want about unseating Reid. Without a viable GOP challenger, someone at the top tier, not the bottom tier, the GOP doesn’t  have a chance of taking him out.

There’s talk that the party’s best hope is Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki, if he can beat that whole indictment thing hanging over his head.

Let’s just say, the recruiters should keep on looking.