Former Clark County DA Foley dies

George Foley, the outspoken and colorful member of one of Nevada’s top legal families, has died, family members say.

Born in 1922, Foley rose to become Clark County district attorney before returning to private practice. He continued in the practice of law until just a few months ago. One of five brothers born to the late U.S. District Judge Roger T. Foley, George was active in Democratic Party politics for many years.

As Review-Journal writer A.D. Hopkins chronicled it in “The First 100,” George was late in deciding on law as a career. While four brothers immediately followed their famous father into the profession, “the fifth, George Foley, preferred the fat tokes and lively life of a bellhop, until one of his brothers razzed him at a family gathering. Wounded in his pride, he enrolled in Hastings Law School and graduated at the top of his class.”