HPD Criminalistics Administrator on paid leave pending investigation

Henderson Police Department criminalistics administrator Rick Workman has been put on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation into whether public statements he made raising questions of bias have potentially damaged pending cases.

Workman, employed for nine years with the department, has been a leading advocate and fund-raiser for a new criminalistics building.

In 2006, the Review-Journal reported the building would cost $37 million and provide state-of-the-art forensic capabilities.

One source familiar with Workman’s troubles said earlier this week his outspokenness not only has put him at odds with HPD administration, but potentially could be used by defense attorneys ay trial in an attempt to raise the issue of investigative bias.

HPD manager of employee relations Dawn Jett said, “He was put on paid admin leave while we investigate a personnel issue.”

Rick Workman
Rick Workman, of the Henderson Police Department, speaks of the need for a modern forensic lab while touring the one at 223 Lead Street in this May 2006 photo.