KING DAY PARADE: F Street Opportunity

Trish Geran of the neighborhood committee that’s out to reopen F Street took the opportunity Monday to spread the word at the parade.  The group’s next meeting is set for 6 p.m. Jan. 26 at the West Las Vegas Library (Room A-B).

Message to elected officials who labor under the false belief that this issue is fading away: It’s clearly not. In fact, I believe it’s picking up steam as the neighbors and their attorney, Matthew Callister, gather evidence that is beginning to show more clearly that the F Street closure was done more for developer and political expedience than by light of day and for the right reasons.

The fallout could genuinely hurt at City Hall.

Now word is beginning to circulate that, contrary to some government estimates as high as $20 million, it might cost less than $1 million for a construction crew to reopen F Street.