Macau rights crackdown slowly becoming clearer

  If Nevada gaming regulators haven’t uttered a peep about the brewing
controversy in Macau over human rights and the fledgling democracy
movement, that hasn’t stopped European politicians and rights
advocates monitoring developments.

  All that’s at stake are the futures of the reputations and fortunes
of the casino moguls who made their billions in Las Vegas and expanded
their empires to Macau.

  Augustine Tan of the Asian Times has an interesting article on the
subject today.

   He writes, “A hint of what's on the way came this past week with
gentle queries from Britain and the European Commission on how Macau's new law will impact on future visits by European politicians.

  “The Macau response has not been made public. It has, however,
thumped down hard on a handful of Hong Kong legislators and
pro-democracy activists who tried to enter over the weekend.”