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Tax break flap over painting dogs Elaine Wynn

Las Vegas socialite and hotel director Elaine Wynn’s impeccably crafted image took a knock this past week after an article in The New York Times tied her to an Oregon law that provides a tax shelter for wealthy art owners.

Judicial politics, Actos civil trial intersect

With a potential multibillion-dollar verdict hanging in the balance, the civil trial pitting two cancer victims against diabetes drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals continues this week in District Judge Kerry Earley’s courtroom.

Ivanpah solar plant changes Nevada’s landscape

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, which covers approximately five square miles of federal land with 350,000 mirrors near the state line, opened Feb. 13 and is the largest solar power plant of its type on the planet.

Let’s agree: Nevada needs a Court of Appeals

Drive through Nevada for even a few hours and you’ll probably see one: a handsome county courthouse. They’re fine symbols of justice, those courthouses. But they’re only as good as the judicial infrastructure contained inside.

Adopted brothers find family

People once commonly called Las Vegas “the city without clocks” in a nod to the 24-hour nature of the place, but when Norm Ziola and Bert Stehle visited here this past week, time was very much on their minds.