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Will Privé fine jam up Pure investigation?

News that Privé, the nightclub at Planet Hollywood, had been hit with big fines by the Gaming Control Board for dumping drunk customers into the casino and pouring them into cabs isn’t really surprising. We’ve been hearing stories like this for years, and the FBI and Metro previously teamed up to investigate the odd ownership structure of some of the lucrative joints.

All-Star Victory for Victorino

Philadelphia Phillies center fielder and Las Vegas resident Shane Victorino is making headlines for campaigning to be named to the National League All-Star team. Even Mayor Oscar Goodman endorsed Victorino’s candidacy.

Snake Eyes in Moscow

When then-President Vladimir Putin vowed to clean up vice-riddled Moscow, it’s hard to imagine the city’s corporate and home-grown gambling bosses took him too seriously. But this past week current President and Putin pal, Dmitry Medvedev, made good...

Clark County celebrates its centennial

When readers wonder just how long I’ve been a columnist, few of them realize that I was around when Clark County broke away from Lincoln County and declared its independence back on July 1, 1909. For proof, look no further than this David Stroud...

Cherchio has inside track in NLV

Community activist Richard Cherchio is the favorite to receive newly elected North Las Vegs Mayor Shari Buck’s Ward 4 City Council seat, a reliable source tells me. Cherchio isn’t a lifelong North Las Vegas resident, but he’s established himself as...