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Denis will be tough to beat in Senate District 2

Mild-mannered Mo Denis, the veteran Assembly Democrat, figures to win in a walk in the 2010 race for Senate District 2 seat being vacated by the term-limited Maggie Carlton. In fact, I’m guessing Friday’s announcement that he was seeking the seat came more out of an interest in dissuading primary challengers than any deep concern about beating a tough opponent in the general election.

Business Court Expands to Meet Demands

Some of the more contentious litigations involving the first-trust deed crisis are being played out in Business Court, which has seen a dramatic, 29 percent increase in cases in the past year, a District Court official says. In fact, reports court...

Libertarians Lament Gun Bill Failure

Outside Nevada and a few other Western states, it’s possible citizens know nothing about the Libertarian Party . But, as the LPers like to say, they make up America’s third-largest political party. (I know, I know. That’s not saying a great deal.)...

Will Privé fine jam up Pure investigation?

News that Privé, the nightclub at Planet Hollywood, had been hit with big fines by the Gaming Control Board for dumping drunk customers into the casino and pouring them into cabs isn’t really surprising. We’ve been hearing stories like this for years, and the FBI and Metro previously teamed up to investigate the odd ownership structure of some of the lucrative joints.

All-Star Victory for Victorino

Philadelphia Phillies center fielder and Las Vegas resident Shane Victorino is making headlines for campaigning to be named to the National League All-Star team. Even Mayor Oscar Goodman endorsed Victorino’s candidacy.