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Bodog bitten for $10 million

Sports bettors worldwide are following the legal fortunes of Bodog, the betting and handicapping information Web site. Now the company has been ordered by a judge to forfeit $10 million. The latest can be found at Read it here

The Rhythm: Drum great Louie Bellson dies

Pick a big band, any big band, and Louie Bellson was likely the rhythm behind the swing. From Harry James and Duke Ellington to Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey, Bellson was a smash. The “Living Legend” of jazz died on Valentine’s Day at age 84. His...

Legislature working on Presidents Day

Here’s one to watch: The Legislature, now controlled by Democrats, has a chance to override Gob. Jim Gibbons’ 2007 veto of a Senate Bill (SB146) that would have enabled small counties to boost their property taxes to help pay for new juvenile...

CHURCH OF TWAIN: Of dogs and bankers

The recent news that Wells Fargo executives tried to defend their expensive and wholly inappropriate employee junket to Las Vegas only months after accepting $25 billion in federal taxpayer bailouts set off a storm from City Hall to the White House...