Reaching for the Skype: Net telephony service updated for Apple iPhone 4

I can now make video phone calls from my iPhone without being tied to a Wi-Fi hot spot thanks to an update by Skype, one of the leading Internet telephony companies.

I already use Skype on my iMac, so signing in was simple. But mastering Skype may take some practice, since I don't regularly use the service. Not yet, anyway. Twice in the past week I've learned about friends' parents who Skype with family and friends across the globe. These are folks in their 70s and 80s and Skype has become second nature for them.

Previously, face-to-face calling from an Apple iPhone 4 to another iPhone 4 user required the use of Facetime, the Apple application that comes preinstalled. Both parties had to be nestled into a strong Wi-Fi location. (The new iPod Touch also has Facetime, meaning there can be calls from new iPod Touch to new iPod Touch, given Wi-Fi on both ends).

My daughter and I have used Skype from our phones, but mostly just to test the system from the comfort of our respective living rooms. The Skype update means users can make video, or voice only, calls using the AT&T 3G network. I haven’t tested it yet, but plan to. I just need someone to call.

Are you an Apple iPhone 4 user with the newest Skype app update? If so, shoot me a note and we'll give the service a shot. I prefer e-mail contact, so just reach out to and I'll get back to you soon.

See ya on Skype!

Read an Associated Press on Yahoo News about the Skype upgrade:
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