Sexting, when text messages gets dirty

Clark County School Board member Carolyn Edwards said she is “fully aware” that students are getting harassed with e-mails of pornographic images and sexting, or dirty text messages. A girl who says she is saving her virginity until marriage is typically the target of such abuse from other students, Edwards said.

School Board members vowed “zero tolerance” for sexting during a wide-ranging discussion of disciplinary policies Wednesday. Board President Terri Janison worries that principals are recommending too many kids for expulsion instead of resolving issues on their own. In these tight economic times, Superintendent Walt Rulffes said the school system should not waste money on kids who don’t want to be in school.

School Board member Sheila Moulton also favors a get-tough approach on frequent violators. “Boot camps come to mind,” she said. “Visits to jails.”