Drai’s shouts disdain for Wynn from the rooftop

Billionaire hotel-casino developer Steve Wynn won’t be welcome at Victor Drai’s new super club.

Pardon the French, but ... .

“He 86’d me. He’s 86’d. (Expletive) him,” Drai said in an interview Wednesday, on the eve of the opening of Drai’s Beach Club &Nightclub atop The Cromwell.

Drai said Wynn called about a month ago with the intention of reaching a truce between the former business partners. During that call, Drai said, Wynn asked the nightclub mogul to stop f-bombing him in media interviews.

Drai said he had a two-word response. Then, to make his point, Drai put an imaginary telephone to his ear and pretended to hang up.

“It did not go down like that. Victor did not hang up on Steve,” said Wynn spokesman Michael Weaver, who noted he was in the room during the telephone conversation.

“Steve says very positive things about Victor and wishes him well in his new endeavor,” Weaver added.

The lucrative Wynn-Drai partnership soured 3½ years ago when Wynn severed Drai’s management deal at Wynn’s clubs XS and Tryst, two of the most profitable nightlife operations in the United States.

Drai was bought out for $15 million to $20 million, according to reports.

About four to five months ago, Wynn banned Drai from Wynn properties so he couldn’t recruit key nightclub personnel, Drai said.

One more thing, he said. “We had a 69 percent profit margin when I ran his clubs. Now it’s 17 percent. He’s overpaying everyone.”

Drai teamed up with Caesars Entertainment in 2010 to create what he is calling “the most beautiful club in the world.”

So much additional steel structure was needed to support the 70,000-square-foot rooftop space, including a capacity crowd of 5,000, the pools and Palm trees, that Caesars Entertainment boss Gary Loveman told me, “It’s the first time we built a building just to hold up a nightclub.”


Comedian David Brenner had two gravesite requests in his last will and testament.

One request was: “All I want is a small stone on the gravesite with these words: ‘Here lies David Brenner. He lived, he died, but MAN DID HE LIVE!’ ”

The other: “On the flip side (of the gravestone) I want ‘If this is supposed to be a joke, I don’t get it.’ ”

Brenner, a Las Vegas headliner for many years, died in March of cancer. He was 78.

He left everything to his three children, except for the $500,000 he bequeathed to fashion designer Kenneth Cole, who is married to Maria Cuomo.

The Philadelphia native requested that he be buried “in or as close to New York City as possible because this is the city of my dreams, my best times, my heart and my life.”


Closing Las Vegas Boulevard at times was one of the sticky issues that came up during the Republicans’ site selection committee’s flirtation with Las Vegas as the host city for the 2016 Republican National Convention. I’m told that local powers-that-be weren’t keen on the proposal. Las Vegas and Cincinnati withdrew their bids on Thursday. ... Best jaw-dropping memory from Pure’s 10-year run (it’s shutting down for an extreme makeover; reopening in early 2015): Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of rehab, walking into Pure with an alcohol-monitoring device around her ankle. She was celebrating her 21st birthday and reportedly didn’t imbibe.


Kevin James, filming a “Mall Cop 2” scene on Wednesday at “Le Reve” (Wynn) among 50-foot jellyfish-like creatures. He was interacting with “Le Reve” performers. ... That was some power table at Piero’s Italian Cuisine on Saturday: country stars Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher, and Luke Bryan and wife Caroline Boyer.


“It’s Fleet Week in New York. And you know what that means: Next week is Penicillin Week.’’ — Seth Meyers

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