Conservatives form Dump Reid PAC

Nevada conservative activist Chuck Muth announced today a partnership with Michigan activist Saul Anuzis to form a political action committee called Dump Reid PAC.

As the name suggests, the group's sole focus will be the defeat of Harry Reid, who is also the Senate majority leader, in November 2010, when he is up for re-election.

Dump Reid will solicit money from anti-Reid contributors outside Nevada with the hope of raising at least $5 million.

Reid supporters expect the incumbent to raise as much as $25 million, a prospect that didn't seem to sway Muth.

"Having $25 million doesn't worry me as long as the candidate running against him has at least ($5 million)," Muth said. An opposition candidate has yet to surface.

A press release about the effort says some of the money will be used to upgrade the Web site, which is currently a solicitation for e-mail and phone contact information from potential supporters.