Reid recounts brush with food poisoning

In a U.S. Senate speech this morning in Washington, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., urged passage of a bill to give the Food and Drug Administration more authority to enforce food safety, saying that poisoning can strike anyone, even U.S. senators

Reid recalled he and his wife Landra visited New York some years ago, along with one of their sons and a girlfriend.

"We were going to go to a play," he said. "We had dinner at a nice restaurant. We both had chicken, the same dish."

About 4 a.m., Reid woke up and needed water, but Landra couldn't get out of bed. They both were ill.

"We were so sick that day," Reid said "We got out of the room we were staying in, mid-morning. We looked like a couple of homeless people, we were so sick."

Landra Reid "never ever got over that completely," Reid said. The incident exacerbated symptoms of ulcerative colitis that she had been suffering from, for which she ultimately was hospitalized for more than a month, he said.

"These illnesses affect everyone," Reid said.