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Las Vegas motorists point out signs of confusion

Alert Warrior readers brought it to the attention of Warrior Central that there are some signs on the freeway that made them scratch their heads. Some readers probably remember the exit sign on northbound U.S. Highway 95 that once showed the mileage to "Eastern Blvd."

Go slow when seeing school zone signs in Las Vegas

Kids are crying, but their moms are rejoicing: It's back-to-school time! And that means it's also time for motorists to go on high alert around those hallowed halls of knowledge because, as we all know, kids seem to do the dumbest things when walking near a street.

Get ready for the EDC traffic nightmare

If you’re a commuter who uses southbound Interstate 15 to get to work in the morning, begin planning an alternate route now. You’ll thank me June 22 when it’s a lead-pipe cinch that I-15 is going to turn into a slow-moving parking lot.

What you need to know about driving to California this summer

​Hard to believe, isn’t it, that we’re closing in on the Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kickoff to the summer travel season. It won’t be long before we’re setting the cruise control, telling the kids in the back seat to be quiet and avoiding the wackos who get in our way on the interstate.​ SoCal is calling. The beaches. The cool ocean breezes. Beverly Hills. The gridlocked freeways.