Diamondbacks give shirts off their backs, figuratively, to Little Leaguers

They are one of like 22 teams that claims Las Vegas as its home market (actually it is “only” six), meaning you can’t watch Arizona Diamondbacks games live on your big screen TV, or watch games when your team is playing the D-Backs on MLB.tv or MLB Extra Innings, due to that bogus blackout policy.

But at least the D-Backs have a soft spot for local youth. Local youth in Phoenix, that is.

According to Azcentral.com, 33 Phoenix-area Little Leagues will receive authentic Diamondback jerseys and hats from the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation, a donation said to be worth more than $600,000.

The Diamondbacks have switched colors and jersey styles so often that each Little League team receiving the jerseys and caps will have a distinctive look.

“Each of the leagues, the kids wanted to be on the Diamondbacks,” team President and CEO Derrick Hall said in the report. “Now they’re thrilled they’re all D-Backs, so it’s great.”

Most of these leagues charge a uniform fee of $35 or more, so this is also a great thing for lower-income families.

However, it is not such a great thing for the kid who receives Randy Johnson’s No. 51 jersey.

Johnson stood 6 feet 10 inches tall when he pitched for the D-Backs. Though Little League kids seem to getting bigger, I have yet to see one that stands 6-10.