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Sherman Frederick

The Gruber tape

For those trying to keep straight all of the clips by Jonathan Gruber, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, here’s your handy-dandy reference.

The Lucy Flores disaster

Harry Reid’s hand-picked candidate to run for lieutenant governor, Lucy Flores, turned out to be one very bad candidate, reflecting specifically upon the judgment of her benefactor and on the Democratic Party in Nevada in general.

Lena wrote a book …

It’s weird and borderline icky. Pop culture liberal Lena Dunham, star of the television series “Girls,” wrote a book. It included an odd story about how she bribed her little sister with candy in exchange for kisses.

Sarah Palin scared Democrats

Here’s an interesting revelation from Democratic operative Van Jones. He says that Sarah Palin’s intellect and ability to communicate with average people had Democrats “shaking in our boots” in 2008.

Harry Reid wrong on Ebola travel ban

The man from Nevada who has been wrong on virtually every foreign policy decision since he went to Washington is wrong again today when he opposes modest travel restrictions into the U.S. from Ebola ravaged West African countries.