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Harry Reid wrong on Ebola travel ban

The man from Nevada who has been wrong on virtually every foreign policy decision since he went to Washington is wrong again today when he opposes modest travel restrictions into the U.S. from Ebola ravaged West African countries.

Ebola: ‘We got this’ But do we?

I don’t know whether it’s bad luck, over-confidence or, perhaps, we just don’t know enough about Ebola yet, but it sure looks like President Obama and the CDC need to re-evaluate their talking point to the American people about the dangers of Ebola spreading in the United States.

Why Israel needs global help

If you care about peace in the Middle East, the speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently gave to the U.N. should be required reading. If you are an American and you voted for Barack Obama, please read it twice.

Too many revisionists spoil the history

Some 150 years ago, Christopher “Kit” Carson was the nation’s No. 1 Western pioneer hero. He helped blaze a trail through Nevada to the West Coast, receiving much gratitude from America’s government and her people.