Avoidable traffic screw-up

OK, let me take another stab at this post and this time let's hope I get my locations right.

Maybe I'm getting cranky in my old age (maybe?). But the workers who are the traffic controllers in the orange vests managed to screw up Oakey and Rancho so badly that they backed up traffic on Rancho to almost Sahara and the I-15. By the time I reached the intersection, which is where I snapped this picture (and believe me I had plenty of time to shoot the picture and watch these folks in action), you could see why. They gave the Oakey traffic equal flow to Rancho. So, Oakey folks faced no line, please and thank you, and Rancho folks were backed up in misery for as far as the eye can see.

They needed to give Rancho thoroughfare traffic twice the time they gave Oakey residential traffic. Very aggravating!