The 'Banana Slicer' of presidents

As the Obama Era marches to a conclusion, it's becoming clearer just how ridiculous this administration has become.

This president is, indeed, to leadership what the "Banana Slicer" is to kitchen appliances.

The many big promises of Barack Obama the candidate have remained unfulfilled, from closing Gitmo to fixing the economy.

Instead of making America energy independent of Middle East oil, he's squandered billions on green energy as if it were a proven technology. Instead of doubling down on domestic oil and gas production and expanding coal power, this president's gone the other way, burdening Americans with higher and higher gasoline prices.

On race relations, Obama is the proverbial "tits on a boar." He tells the white community things it already knows and enrages the black community by dancing round the hard questions of race in America. His judgment on when to speak out and what to say toggle between dangerous and meaningless.

Lately, he's come across an idea that he thinks no one has ever thought of before -- a smarter, more efficient government. He thinks he's invented some indispensable new government initiative, but all he's done is scare the bejeebers out of people. Do we really need a smarter, more efficient Obama IRS? It already targets Obama enemies, but at least now it's clumsy and stupid about it.

When the wheels of justice turned in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial, the president said he was closely "monitoring" the post trial situation. Yet, when the American ambassador was murdered in Benghazi in an hours-long firefight, this president could not be bothered with monitoring. He went to sleep and then flew to Vegas for a stupid campaign appearance.

Indeed, Barack Obama, has become the "Banana Slicer" of presidents, evoking well deserved mocking from the population.

Like this faux testimonial from a housewife in Los Angeles: "What can I say about my 'Banana Slicer' president that hasn't already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone ... this is one of the greatest presidents. My husband and I would argue constantly over politics, then we discovered Barack Obama. Our marriage has never been healthier. Thanks 'Banana Slicer' president!"