The Boxer/Reid Rebellion

This headline ought to send chills down the area where Democrats used to have a fiscal spine: "Fiorina Leads Boxer for First Time in California Senate Race".

If Fiorina can overtake Boxer in even one poll at this stage, then all things may be possible for Republicans this election cycle.

It begs many questions about where incumbents, like Sen. Harry Reid, stand in this political climate. Shouldn't "Goliath" high-profile senators like Reid, who has millions of dollars and the full campaign support of the Obama presidency and the federal government, be 20 points up on a "David" newcomer like Sharron Angle, who has pennies to spend and just now getting her campaign legs underneath her?

But what if Angle is nip-and-tuck with Reid? What if she's doing a "Fiorina" on Reid?

Stay tuned. The answers are coming as the Review-Journal/KLAS-TV polling on this race begins this week.