A community says 'good-bye' to Maddy Graves

It was SRO at Palm Mortuary on North Main Tuesday afternoon as the Las Vegas community gathered to say good-bye to Madison 'Maddy' Graves, who died last week after a long fight with prostate cancer.

The big chapel and the smaller chapel were filled. People lined the walls standing and some even spilled into the foyer.

Peter Becker, Garry Goett, Sig Rogich and Frank Schreck painted verbal pictures of Maddy's life and times. Maddy helped design his own memorial service. The first song: "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. Closing song: "Time to Say Good-bye" by Sara Brightman.

In-between many memories of a life not only well lived, but finished with grace and class. Maddy was, indeed, a Complete Las Vegan.