Could Harry be any more out of touch, eh?

That's the question the Republican spin machine asks this morning ... and Nevadans slogging through a hot and muggy July day trying to make a living despite the Great Obama Recession may think it's a point worth consideration.

But, as always, you be the judge/trial attorney. The GOP spin follows.


Guess Where Harry Reid Is Waking Up This Morning…

As Nevada Suffers From 14 Percent Unemployment, Out-of-Touch Reid Lines Campaign Coffers With Trial Lawyers In Canada

WASHINGTON – As the state of Nevada tops the nation with 14 percent unemployment and the Las Vegas convention industry continues to struggle, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was raising campaign cash at a trial lawyer convention in Vancouver, Canada Sunday night.
It appears the main event of Reid’s politically-motivated trip to Canada was a ritzy reception of the “Committee for a Better Future,” a joint venture of the Democrat party establishment and the Washington, DC-based trial lawyers’ lobbying association that will benefit at least 12 Democrat U.S. Senate candidates. Reid has based his reelection campaign on the premise that he has delivered for Nevada, yet he failed to convince his trial lawyer supporters to hold their convention in the Silver State – or in America at all.
 “Could Harry Reid be anymore out of touch to think that leaving the United States to raise campaign cash is appropriate while Nevada tops the nation with 14 percent unemployment? What was Harry Reid thinking and, more importantly, where exactly are his priorities?” asked National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brian Walsh. “Reid brags that ‘no one can do more’ for Nevada, so why couldn’t he convince his trial lawyer friends to hold their convention in Las Vegas instead of in a foreign country?  As Senator Reid continues to demonstrate just how out-of-touch he is with the needs of Nevadans, voters will have the chance to restore much-needed accountability in Washington when they elect Sharron Angle to the U.S. Senate this November.”