The darker side of the Sun

Two pieces in the Las Vegas Sun this morning give more evidence of an adrift news organization.

First, consider the editorial criticizing Republican congressional candidate Mark Amodei for his dramatic TV ad about the debt ceiling causing a possible financial takeover of the American way of life. Nothing wrong with taking that opinion, of course. But don't you think that somewhere in the editorial the writer might have noted that the owners of the severely financially strapped Sun are seeking to do business with a communist Chinese "green" energy company via a U.S. government special deal brokered by Sen. Harry Reid? In other words, the general idea of the so-called "Red Scare" ad by Amodei applies exactly, and in a real way, to the writer of the Sun editorial.

Second, get a load of this pissy "commentary" by the Sun "reporter" charged with covering the Righthaven copyright infringement cases. Ax grinding, much? After writing that angry little piece, how do you go back objectively (if he ever was objective) covering these ongoing cases? You can't. But you can bet the Sun will send him on his way, ignoring the conflict.

Tsingtao all round to ease the conscience, ladies and gents.