Does Obama give a rip?

A disconnected President Obama is not a storyline. It is a reality. Consider the mixed messages the Obama administration sent out on ISIS.

As the president finished up his two-week vacation (a travesty in and of itself), the American people saw the State Department beginning to talk tough on the ISIS threat in Syria and Iraq, even warning of possible terrorist attacks in the United States. But the president himself talked down the threat and any military role the U.S. might take in the region.

You also had the president addressing the nation, looking sad over the beheading of an American journalist. Then just 10 minutes later he appeared decked out in shorts and golf shoes, yucking it up with his buddies on the golf course.

It was bizarre, to say the least. Obama’s supporters had all kind of excuses for this, but the simplest explanation remains the best: Obama isn’t really engaged in the trials and tribulations of the country and he’s even disconnected from his own government.

Perhaps if the president would stop taking expensive vacations and leaving his office every few days for fundraisers and selfies and spent more time at work in the White House where he could meet with his government face-to-face, there might be a little more coordination.

Just an idea. But, of course, that presupposes he actually gives a rip.