An 'enhanced' State of the Union

Give the president his due. When it comes to communicating via the Internet he is sneaky good.

For example, on Tuesday he will give his annual State of the Union Address. (Personally, I have severe Obama fatigue. His lilting form-over-substance oratory wore thin for me about 90 days into his presidency.)

But if you're one of the few who thinks this guy has something to say, you can not only listen to it on TV or read about it in newspapers, you can watch it on the official White House propoganda website, where your experience will be "enhanced."

So says the website: "If you choose to watch the online-only enhanced version of President Obama’s third State of the Union Address, you’ll be able to see charts, stats and data that helped inform President Obama’s policy decisions as he delivers his speech to the nation."

What you won't see, however, is a reasoned opposing view on the White House party line. For example, I suspect we will again hear the president tell us that we all must do our part to pay more to support his government spending. What he really means, however, is that the "rich" should pay more than their part. And the some 50 percent of Americans who pay absolutely no federal income tax, well, move along; nothing to see there.

If only it were true that we had a president who expected everyone to do their part. If every single American — rich or poor — paid something in federal income tax (even a dollar) for the privilege of living in this great country.

But we don't. Until then, when the president tells us that we all must do our part, you may just let it fall to the floor as you do all political rhetoric that is all form ... and no substance.