Eternal candidate Dina Titus and those pesky Republican kids

If you haven't been keeping up as the world turns at UNLV, the plot is simple: UNLV has provided former Congresswoman Dina Titus a safe haven from which to launch political campaigns at taxpayer expense for more than 20 years. After getting booted out of Congress last year, she again returned to UNLV to do hardly anything for a big taxpayer-funded paycheck.

The UNLV College Republicans have been squeaking about it for months. And they are right. As long as Titus holds down her cushy UNLV job, it's hard for the general public to take UNLV's budget cut complaints seriously. Not that Titus' salary makes the difference. It's the principle of the thing. If you don't have the strength to trim the low hanging budget fruit, how can you be expected to deal with the big and painful stuff.

Anyway, that's my take on it. Here's the latest press release from those pesky GOP kids at UNLV. I think, boys and girls, you got her on the run.

Titus makes compelling case against herself

For Immediate Release

April 27, 2011

(Las Vegas) – The UNLV College Republicans today are thanking Professor Dina Titus for proving an allegation the organization has been making since her return to the university earlier this year: Dina Titus has no integrity.

Dina Titus had an op-ed published in the UNLV Rebel Yell on April 25, after she accused the Rebel Yell of unethical journalism in an advisory board meeting, for publishing an opinion article by staff writer Matthew Jarzen summarizing the ongoing issues between UNLV, Titus and the College Republicans. In the article, Titus responds to charges made by the College Republicans, and claims the organization has been harassing and lying about her. According to UNLVCR President Mark Ciavola, she actually proves their allegations true.

Ciavola notes that Titus admits in the article that she does in fact make a six-figure salary and currently only teaches one course. “We never claimed her salary was only for teaching one course,” Ciavola explained. “We simply said, ‘She is returning to UNLV with a six-figure salary, and only teaching one course this semester.’ Nothing about that is inaccurate, and we thank Titus for confirming our point.”

In addition, Ciavola also says the allegation that Titus cheated in a debate last year with Joe Heck is not their charge, but one made by the Heck campaign, reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and National Review Online, and affirmed by the local PBS station which aired the debate.

“By first denying she broke established rules and then placing the blame for her dishonesty on her campaign staff, as she did in her op-ed, Titus clearly shows a complete lack of integrity.”

Finally, Ciavola points out that Titus continues to show a lack of integrity by lying to Matthew Jarzen, an opinion writer for the Rebel Yell, about a website that was maintained and paid for by her Congressional campaign. On April 19, Jarzen asked Titus via email about her “Man Without Integrity” website, and why it was still available online, citing that the disclaimer said “Paid for by Dina Titus for Congress.” Just four hours later, the website was taken down, and Titus had responded to Jarzen stating, “I have been looking for the website you mentioned and can’t find it. Are you sure about this?”

“Dina Titus has refused to answer questions or explain her deceitful actions, while she attacks students, a university newspaper, and free speech. Yet, she continues to make false allegations against our organization for what she calls lies.” Ciavola said. “Professor Titus may be entitled to her own opinion, but she is not entitled to her own facts.”


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