Harry Reid: Serve the people, not Obama

Once again Sen. Harry Reid has chosen to help the Obama Administration cover up misdeeds, instead of hold this perpetually inept government accountable to the people.

This time it is veterans getting the short end of the stick.

NBC is now reporting that “Internal memos show the VA has been playing whack a mole for at least six years with employees who use dozens of different scheduling tricks to hide substantial delays in health care for America’s veterans. And whenever the VA tries to stop its staffers from ‘gaming the system,’ the staffers come up with new techniques.”

This is classic Obama Administration “management.” It’s too often form over substance. No one is fired. No one is held accountable. Nothing really changes.

Now the ugly deal is exposed, and both Republicans and Democrats are upset at Obama and his VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

Yet, Sen. Reid remains a “nothing to see here” kind of guy, far too quick to defend Obama and Shinseki.

This VA scandal has happened for the last six years under Obama. Take a look at the NBC reporting on the VA memos and tell me how in the world anyone could stand by and say “nothing to see here.” Show me where the “hope and change” was in this administration with the VA?

Yet here again we find Sen. Reid in a petting embrace with the president.

Stop shilling, Harry. Try reserving some of your outrage for something other than the Koch brothers. Vets are dead as they waited for attention on faux VA waiting lists.